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Being Brave in Vulnerability

Sharing your innermost thoughts and realities can be scary. There is power in vulnerability. Working with the right therapist can help empower you to embrace the deeper changes needed in order to navigate through life’s challenges. I understand that being vulnerable can be difficult; establishing and creating an authentic connection with your therapist can help.

Learning to be Connected, Healthy, and Purposeful

Trauma can oftentimes make us feel powerless, lost and disconnected. Working through the trauma is not an easy process, but one that creates pathways to the life you deserve. Creating agency in your treatment can establish a sense of stability as we move forward in healing.

Hi, I'm Nicole.

I’m a licensed mental health professional based in Chicago, Illinois.

I specialize in working with individuals who are working to heal from trauma. This trauma may manifest as mood and personality disorders, eating disorders, or depression and anxiety. I utilize an eclectic person-centered approach pulling from CBT, DBT, somatic, and Polyvagal theories to tailor to your unique strengths and needs.

The journey to finding oneself is the most important path we embark upon but it is one you deserve. I invite you to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, let’s do this together.


Nicole Tyrpak, LCPC
Founder, Emerald Mental Health

Don't let your past keep you from your future.

So many of us struggle with our mental health and experience stigma around it.

Trauma is the response to scary or dangerous experiences and almost always an underlying cause of various mental health conditions. Unhealed trauma can show up as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality or mood disorders, codependency, physical illness, and other symptoms. Confronting shame, guilt, and fears and healing trauma is life changing.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a sign of disembodiment and that the restriction or excess of food itself has become a coping mechanism. Therapy addresses underlying trauma, fostering healthier coping strategies and promoting recovery towards a balanced life.

Mood/Personality Disorders

It's exhausting to experience extreme mood swings, pending from sleepless manic nights to the deepest darkness of depression. You may have unstable, high-conflict relationships and be impulsive, self-harm, be highly controlling, or have a tremendous fear of abandonment. Healing underlying trauma often helps to alleviate conditions such as bipolar disorder, borderline disorder or schizotypal disorder.

Trauma Focused Care

Trauma is the response to a scary or dangerous experience. Trauma can result from one big incident, as well as multiple smaller events over time. Unhealed trauma can show up as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, codependency, physical illness, and other symptoms. Releasing trauma from the body can promote lasting healing.


You might need help navigating new stressors during this season of life, and sometimes we all need a reminder that life remains full of potential regardless of the circumstances. The way you manage stress, anxiety, and/or depression can have a deep effect on yourself and those around you. An expert can help you sharpen your ability to cope with the demands of work and other responsibilities so you can enjoy life every single day.

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